Who We Are

Boston vs. Bullies is an anti-bullying initiative presented by The Sports Museum and the Boston sports community to stand strong against bullying.

Through videos and activities, the award-winning educational program leverages the power and example of Boston sports to help stop bullying in our schools and in our community.

The Sports Museum Staff

Rusty Sullivan
Executive Director

Michelle Gormley
Director of Education

Education and Research Consultant

Kim Storey, EdD
Education and Research Consultant


Edmund Donnelly M. Ed
Lead Boston vs. Bullies Facilitator
Retired Boston Public Schools Headmaster

Frances Cardenas
M.Ed in Counseling with a concentration in Sport Psychology from Boston University, played Div.2 Volleyball at The University of Tampa, from San Juan, PR

Ellie Castine
M.S. in Counseling Psychology, Ph.D. Candidate at Boston University

Alyssa Murphy
M.Ed Candidate in Counseling with concentrations in School Counseling and Child and Adolescent Mental Health Counseling at Boston University

Susan Jonas Roche
M.Ed., LSW
Retired Boston Public Schools Guidance Advisor/Social Worker for special needs students

Since 2013, upper elementary and middle school students from the following schools and organizations have experienced Boston vs. Bullies:

  • Abigail Adams Middle School, Weymouth, MA
  • Academy of the Pacific Rim Charter School
  • Andover YMCA
  • Bartlett School, Lowell, MA
  • Bates Elementary School, Roslindale, MA
  • Bates School, Salem, MA
  • Bernazzani School, Quincy, MA
  • Blue Hill Boys and Girls Club, Dorchester, MA
  • Boston Center For Youth and Families
  • Boys and Girls Club Condon, South Boston, MA
  • Boys and Girls Club Jordan, Chelsea, MA
  • Boys and Girls Club Mattapan, Mattapan, MA
  • Boys and Girls Club of Boston
  • Boys and Girls Club Sumner, Roslindale, MA
  • Brandon School, Natick, MA
  • Brennan Middle School, Attleboro, MA
  • Brockton Public Schools
  • Brooks and Roberts Elementary Schools, Medford, MA
  • Browne Middle School, Chelsea, MA
  • Cambridge Street Upper School, Cambridge, MA
  • Charlestown Boys and Girls Club
  • Chelsea Public Schools
  • Clap Innovation School, Dorchester, MA
  • Clifford Marshall, Quincy, MA
  • Columbus Elementary School, Medford, MA
  • Connolly School, Roslindale, MA
  • Curley K-8 School, Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Dedham Middle School, Dedham, MA
  • Dr. Philip O. Coakley Middle School, Norwood, MA
  • East Elementary School, Sharon, MA
  • Elihu Greenwood Leadership Academy, Hyde Park, MA
  • Everett Public Schools
  • Fall River Public Schools
  • Fallon Elementary School, Lynn, MA
  • Ferryway School, Malden, MA
  • Fessenden School, West Newton, MA
  • Flaherty School, Braintree, MA
  • Forestdale School, Malden, MA
  • Friedman School, Taunton, MA
  • Garfield Elementary School, Revere, MA
  • George Elementary School, Brockton, MA
  • George F. Kelly School, Chelsea, MA
  • Grinnell Elementary School
  • Guilimette School, Lawrence, MA
  • Hasting School, Fairhaven, MA
  • Hathaway School, New Bedford, MA
  • Henderson School, Dorchester, MA
  • Hennigan Boys & Girls Club, Jamaica Plain, MA
  • Henry Lord Community School, Fall River, MA
  • Hernandez School, Roxbury, MA
  • Highland Elementary School, Braintree, MA
  • Hollis Elementary, Braintree, MA
  • Howard School, West Bridgewater, MA
  • Hudson Memorial School, Hudson, NH
  • JFK STEM Innovation Elementary School, Jamaica Plain, MA
  • John E. McCarthy Elementary School, Peabody, MA
  • Jordan Boys and Girls Club, Chelsea, MA
  • Joseph Lee School, Dorchester, MA
  • Joyce Kilmer School, West Roxbury, MA
  • Kevarian School, Everett, MA
  • Kroc Corps Community Center, Boston, MA
  • LaBoure Center, South Boston, MA
  • Lafayette School, Evertt, MA
  • Lawrence School for Exceptional Studied, Lawrence, MA
  • Liberty School, Braintree, MA
  • Lila G. Frederick Pilot Middle School, Boston, MA
  • Lowell Alternate Education Schools, Lowell, MA
  • Lowell Public Schools
  • Madelline English School, Everett, MA
  • Malcolm White School, Woburn, MA
  • Manchester Public School, Manchester, NH
  • Marshfield High School
  • Mary Lyon School, Brighton, MA
  • Mason Elementary School, Roxbury, MA
  • McAvinnue Elementary School, Lowell, MA
  • McCall Middle School, Winchester, MA
  • McGlynn Middle School, Medford, MA
  • McKinley South End Academy, Boston, MA
  • Mendall School, Roxbury, MA
  • Merrimack Valley YMCA
  • Methuen YMCA
  • Milton Public Schools
  • Mount Clair School, Quincy, MA
  • Multi School Milton, Milton, MA
  • Murphy School, Dorchester, MA
  • New Academy Estates, Roxbury, MA
  • New Bedford Public Schools
  • North Attleboro Middle School, North Attleboro, MA
  • Ohrenberger School, West Roxbury, MA
  • Oliver Middle School, Lawrence, MA
  • Orchard Gardens School, Roxbury, MA
  • Parker Middle School, Taunton, MA
  • Parlin School, Everett, MA
  • Patrick Lyndon School, West Roxbury, MA
  • Plouffe Academy, Brockton, MA
  • Plymouth South Middle School, Plymouth, MA
  • Point Webster, Quincy, MA
  • Polaski School, New Bedford, MA
  • Putman Ave Upper School, Cambridge, MA
  • Quincy Lower School, Boston, MA
  • Quincy Public Schools
  • Renaissance Community School, New Bedford, MA
  • Revere Public Schools
  • Rindge Ave Upper School, Cambridge, MA
  • Roosevelt Elementary School, Melrose, MA
  • Rumney Marsh Academy, Revere, MA
  • Sacred Heart School, Roslindale, MA
  • Salemwood School, Malden, MA
  • School for Exceptional Studies, Lawrence, MA
  • South Elementary School, Holbrook, MA
  • South Shore YMCA
  • Spencer Bordon School, Fall River, MA
  • St. Joseph’s Elementary School, Needham, MA
  • Steps to Success at Pierce School, Brookline, MA
  • Sterling Middle School, Quincy, MA
  • Stoklosa School, Lowell, MA
  • Sullivan School, Lowell, MA
  • Sumner Boys and Girls Club, Roslindale, MA
  • Sumner Elementary School, Roslindale, MA
  • Susan B. Anthony School, Revere, MA
  • Taunton Public Schools
  • Tobin School, Roxbury, MA
  • Up Academy Boys and Girls Club, Dorchester, MA
  • Wamsutta Middle School, Attleboro, MA
  • Wang School, Lowell, MA
  • Watertown High School, Watertown, MA
  • Webster School, Everett, MA
  • Wetherbee School, Lawrence, MA
  • Whittier School, Everett, MA
  • William Blackstone Elementary School, Boston, MA
  • WS Parker Middle School, Reading, MA
  • Wright and Brown Schools, Chelsea, MA
  • WS Parker Middle School, Reading, MA
  • Yawkey Center Boys and Girls Club, Boston, MA
  • YMCA Young Leaders Rogers School, Roslindale, MA
  • Young Achievers Science and Math Pilot School, Mattapan, MA
  • And More…

All Stars

The Boston vs. Bullies All Stars, current athletes from all of Boston’s teams, are featured in our 30-minute educational video.

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Mookie Betts standing on the field at Fenway Park
A 54-year-old health teacher speaks to middle schoolers about bullying. Within a couple minutes, those kids are thinking about the lunch menu. But over in a neighboring community, the students hear from Red Sox superstar Mookie Betts and Olympic gold medalist Aly Raisman.

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