Bobbi Gibb Marathon Pioneer

”I loved to run as a kid. I’d see a green field and I’d feel so much joy at its beauty that I’d just have to tear across it at top speed. Everyone else stopped running after high school, but I never stopped.” “I am now twenty-one years old, and I’ve been running in the […]

The Sports Museum Challenge Cup

It Was 33 Years Ago this September….. That The Sports Museum, then a fledgling not-for-profit charged with preserving history, made a little of our own on a landmark occasion for women’s soccer in America. It all occurred on an afternoon in which the weather was nearly as perfect as a late summer day could be. […]


In the early seventies, Boston was the undisputed capital of the hockey world, as the Big Bad Bruins led by Bobby Orr and Phil Esposito captured two Stanley Cups and elevated the NHL to hitherto unprecedented heights. For not only did the league triple in size during Orr’s all-too-brief ten-year career, but the NHL also […]

Alfreda Harris — Boston’s First Lady of Basketball 

Alfreda Harris  Boston’s First Lady of Basketball  “I trust Alfreda Harris. Her good sense, her judgment, her straight talk, her values. In everything she does, I know that her top priority is and always has been in the best interest of kids. There are many who claim to make a difference. Alfreda Harris is among […]

Disciples of The Master 

The Tao and Legacy of Red Auerbach  “The Boston Celtics aren’t just a team, they’re a way of life”  “The only correct actions are those that demand no explanation and no apology.”  “We like our players to play for fun and to be happy rather than afraid. It’s like that in any business. If you […]

The Jet, Boston Braves Center Fielder Sam Jethroe 

The Jet, Boston Braves Center Fielder Sam Jethroe  “Center fielder Sam Jethroe was both a fan favorite in Boston and led a group of African-American and former Negro League players that would deliver the franchise’s second world championship in Milwaukee. Their number included Buzz Clarkson, George Crowe, Billy Bruton, Wes Covington, Felix Mantilla, and a […]

BAM, Patriot Fullback Sam Cunningham

Sam Cunningham was fast enough to have captured the California State high school championship in the 100-yard dash and strong enough to have won the shot put in the same competition. Former Patriot quarterback and backfield coach Tom Yewcic said of Cunningham, “ He was the ideal fullback at 6’ 2”, 230 pounds. He had tremendous […]

Chronicle – WCVB Channel 5

At 100, the Boston Bruins have a rich history Founded by a supermarket magnate, the team has changed with the times The Boston Bruins were the first American team established by the National Hockey League, and are now the first to celebrate 100 seasons. The team’s first owner, Charles Adams, was awarded the Bruins franchise in 1924 […]

Some Red Sox Men for All Seasons and The Great Charlie Berry.   

August 21, 2023 For nearly a century and a quarter, the Red Sox have attracted athletes blessed not only with hardball skills but who were also adept at any number of other sporting pursuits. Among their number are the following, in what is not by any means a comprehensive listing but a sampler. *Boston Americans […]