Educational Video Version 3.0-2022

The 40-minute video features all star athletes from Boston’s professional sports teams sharing their stories and providing kids with ways to stand strong against bullying.

The Bystander

It’s important to think ahead about what to do when you see or hear about bullying. As a bystander, your actions can make a difference.

Team Power Player Card

A personal player card that kids can use in conjunction with the “Team Power” activity on page 16 of the Facilitator’s Guide.

Friend Detective

Some kids may try to use friendship as a way to bully. This behavior can be difficult to detect. Kids with disabilities may have an especially difficult time detecting who is a friend and who is not. This activity is designed to help kids detect when friendship is used in hurtful way to bully others.

Here’s What You Can Do

This poster is designed to help kids learn and practice how to stop bullying. Use it to help talk with kids about their feelings about bullying and different options for responding.

Boston vs. Bullies Bookmarks

The Boston vs. Bullies bookmarks feature all our All Stars, with fun facts, stats, and what they think about bullying.